I’m Conz.  I hate commercials.  There’s a good chance I probably hate you too… but I know you hate me, so it’s cool. There are probably 4,000 blogs just like this one on the web, but just like with my awesome “jokes” I refused to google “commercial blogs” to find out if anyone else is doing it.

I think the ultimate goal of any “blogger” is to eventually bring in some revenue, and I think the way to do that is with advertisements… so starting a blog killing all things advertising is a pretty friggin stupid idea.  That would be like a vegan getting hired as a chef in a steak house (What?  No it wouldn’t.)

I like to write though.  I’ve written a bunch of stuff — pilots, specs, shorts, extremely flawed screenplays with undefined character goals, poor b stories, and weak 3rd acts, etc etc. If you would like to read any of my “original” work… you should probably seek therapy… or just email me at DJConz@gmail.com.

Pretty much everything I say is in jest, so to any future readers/commenters, keep that in mind and relax. I’m sure some of the things I say are completely ridiculous and offensive, but I assure you I’m not racist, sexist, against gay people-ist, etc, and I don’t actually hate you. (I might.)  I love each and every one of you equally (Note: I’m only talking to the attractive white women in that last sentence.)

I’m on twitter too, but I can’t figure out how to incorporate the button into my site (bodes well) so just follow me at @commercialconz


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