This blog still exists…

What’s up world, it’s your boy Sway… nope… unfortunately it’s just me, Conz.   I just randomly read an old post of mine and thought it was hilarious so I’m probably gonna have to go and write a few more.  How pumped are you?  On a scale of 1 to I’m not even reading this, you’re talking to yourself?

While I’m not stroking my own ego, I’m stroking other things of mine, and I have to be honest, I’ve been on a “mature” kick lately.

… It’s my dong by the way.  It’s 2013.  Let’s not act like openly discussing internet porn is taboo.  Your grandfather just typed “Jenna Haze tube videos” into AskJeeves.

Anyway, the “mature” kick may have been subconsciously triggered by this commercial.

The ad is for a 2012 model, but I still see it fairly often.

I can’t hate this commercial.  I just can’t hate on anything with the milfiest milf who has ever milfed.  I mean, that’s one hot mother.  I’d like to catch this sexy librarian riding dirty, and make her face look like the gooey decimal system.

The gooey decim– thrown_tomato_pic

Seriously, you can keep Kate Upton pounding Carl’s Jr’ like tic tacs, I want more of this woman.  More dammit!  Who is she?!  Whoooo?

How often is a mom 100x hotter than the daughter?  Also, the boyfriend’s line delivery was pretty awful.  They couldn’t do another take?

But it’s not about them, it’s about the milf.

Aight, a blog about commercials is pathetic enough… I’ll quit while I’m a(n erect)head.  Worst.  The worst jokes in America.  If this didn’t whet your appetite for more Conz Hates Commercials, then nothing will.

See you soon maybe.


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