Trailer Thursday Catch-Up

I know you’ve all been waiting anxiously for me to address this… well, the time hath come.

So every “Trailer Thursday” blog I wrote had a Rotten Tomato score prediction at the end and I was curious to see how wrong I’ve been.

Alex Cross

I said – Predicted Rotten Tomatoes score – 55% with good word of mouth.  It’s gonna flop though, I don’t expect Perry’s usual audience to flock to this…

Critics said – 12%  … Off to a good start.  To be fair—to be fair, I was only 43% off.  Jesus, what a terrible guess.  I honestly thought some critics would go in unbiased and just judge it on the actual story, but I guess Tyler Perry the story were that bad.  At least I knew it would flop.

Battle of the Year: The Dream Team 3D

I said – The battle of the year is gonna be whether this can finish in the top 5 at the box office in it’s opening weekend.  I guarantee Chris Brown gets a Razzie nomination for this, and judging from his acting in the trailer… and his life choices… he deserves it.

Critics have yet to speak as this movie has apparently been pushed back again.  That’s always a good sign… although somehow 73% of the audience at rottentomatoes WANT to see this.

A Christmas Story 2

I said – I’m sure some people will say this is just a DVD release.  It’s no harm no foul and it won’t take away from the original, but to me that’s blasphemous.  Nothing is sacred anymore.  The fact that they are pairing this in DVD sets with the original is a damn shame.  Sadly people will probably flock to buy it for their collection too.  Like I said, I usually don’t get up in arms over sequels… but this is just too damn much.  Fuck this movie.  This is definitely not why Jesus died for our sins.

I’m starting to realize that I haven’t been consistent with my structure… or this blog… or my life choices, but fuck it I already started writing this.

Critics said – I guess they don’t even bother with non-theatrical releases.  41% of the audience liked it though, which is way more than expected.

Here Comes the Boom

I said – I won’t act like this is the worst looking movie of all time.  It certainly doesn’t look good though, especially if you know of “Warrior’s” existence.  I’ll probably watch it the same way I’ve seen every Kevin James movie… at 12:30 on a Tuesday night on Starz.  Go watch “Warrior” instead.  Predicted Rotten Tomatoes score – 47%

Critics said – 38% — I’m getting closer.

Pitch Perfect

I said – I’m thinking that Kendrick-Snow lesbian shower scene will hit the cutting room floor unfortunately, so I’ll say my Rotten Tomatoes prediction is 58%.  Critics like Anna Kendrick and they’ll probably rave about how fat funny that funny fat girl is.

Critics said – 80% — I’m really bad at this.  I’ve actually heard good things about this movie, so I’m planning on checking it out soon.

Trouble with the Curve

I said – Predicted Rotten Tomatoes score – 76%  Critics love that firecrotch Amy Adams.

Critics said – 51% — *sigh* I guess I’m not gonna quit my fake day job.

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

I said – I didn’t check Rotten Tomatoes.  I’m not even sure they review movies like this, but my guess is 24% because some critics will write it off as a “silly” kids movie.

Critics said – 29% There we go.


I said – Predicted Rotten Tomatoes score (because I was so close the last time) – 62%

Critics said – 67% — It’s a shame you’re no longer reading this, because I’m nailing it right now!

The Expendables 2

I said – I apparently didn’t… but I’m taking a stab right now – 60%

Critics said – 65% — Came on strong, no one stayed to see.

And with that, I conclude this, the most pointless of entries yet.

SURVEY SAYS – I suck at this.


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