Out of the Office

Hey loyal readers, sorry to disappoint, but I’m out of the office today.  I have very imporant business to attend to so I won’t be able to…  ah, who am I kidding?

I’ve got nothing for you today because… well, I’m super lazy. When I say I’m “super lazy,” I’m not exaggerating in the least… I’m so lazy I don’t even want to finish this apology to the 6 of you who are reading it.

I actually wrote an entire entry for today, but it sucked… I mean, it sucked more than usual… so I scrapped it, and I didn’t feel like scrambling for a new one.  You are better off without it.

I’ll have a new commercial review up on Monday, don’t you worry.  I can sense you worrying… please stop worrying.  You worry too much.

Since I’m bringing nothing to the table, I’ll post this awesome commercial to hold you over…

and this awful campaign ad thing to laugh at…

I considered devoting an entry to this one (that sounds gay) but I didn’t want people to think I gave a shit about the issues or the upcoming election (or gay people.) Just kidding, gay people.  Stop worrying.


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