Local Shit – Freehold Chrysler Jeep

Pfwww, for a minute there I thought I was gonna go a week without mentioning the Mets or posting a car commercial.

This friggin guy…

Wally Darwish.  I Dar-wish he’d shut the fuck up already (WOOHOO!)  What the hell kinda name is Wally Darwish?

“U Mad?”

I’m becoming a broken record with the “Wahh, it’s on every single commercial break during the Met game,” talk… but it’s the truth. This guy is on every time the 3rd out is made.  If it isn’t the 4th of July, they just change the writing to “Mothers Day” or “Flag Day” or “Speak Like a Pirate Day.”  He has a new fake sale every week.  “This Weekend Only?”  Bullshit Wally.

This guy thinks he’s the new Ric Flair or something, and he totally jacked “Come on Down” from Rod Roddy.

Oh look, it’s on again.

Yup, the “WOOHOO’s” are currently blasting through my TV.

This clown pays $5500 for your clunker.  I wonder what the stipulations are on that.  Can you just buy a piece of shit at a junkyard for $300 and then trade it for $5200 credit towards a Grand Cherokee?

Why would anyone ever buy a car from this annoying bastard otherwise?  Granted, he can get you approved, but you’d think people would just go to the next Jeep dealer down the road to get their Liberty, or Chrysler model.

Come to think of it, I can’t name one Chrysler model.  I’m stumped.  I didn’t even know Chrysler was still in operation.  Do they still make “Lebarons” or did George Costanza buy the last one from that Periodontist?

“What’s the deal with the ‘WOOHOO’ guy?”

Mets, Car commercial, Seinfeld reference… check!

I had to check out Chrysler’s site.  They have 4 models left, no Lebarons (RIP.)  I actually dig the 300, it looks like the Payless Shoes version of a Caddy.

The Mets just went 1-2-3, let’s see if Wally shows up… first commercial was for Bob’s Discount Furniture (Your day will come, Bob… ohh your day will come.)  McDonalds… and holy shit, look at that, it’s Wally Darwish.

Jesus, yes.  Stop asking that.

Why are the people behind him mouthing his lines?  They look like idiots.  Oh look, a token black lady… they always manage to hide one in there.  She was probably just browsing for a new car when Wally ambushed her.

“WOOHOO!  Excuse me miss, WOOHOO!  Wanna come on down and be in a WOOHOO commercial?  WOOHOO?!?!?!”

There are videos on his channel of people giving testimonials about how much fun they had at Freehold Chrysler Jeep.  Then, they all scream “WOOHOO” … naturally.

I really hope these people got a huge discount on their cars for doing these.  I’d demand at least $3 grand off to say “WOOHOO!”

Fuck me, it’s on again.

Now you kids are just fuckin with me.

Click around his Youtube page if you dare.  There are about 120 videos!!!!!  That’s over 600 “WOOHOO’s.”

Just look at the audacity on Wally.  He thinks his commercials are so funny and popular that he added a video of bloopers…

That’s a straight up power move.  Dude is dropping DVD features on his youtube channel like the public is clammering for them. Next we’re gonna get a commentary track…

“You guys remember how hot it was that day?! Ha.  I couldn’t think straight with the sun beating down on me.  I was saying “wahoo” instead of “woohoo”  ahahaha.”

Normally I’d be pissed at another disgraceful Mets season, but I’m so fuckin done with these commercials, I’m glad they aren’t making the playoffs.  The less SNY advertising the better.  It’s football season now so… oh shit… it’s football season.  And with football season comes awful beer commercials… at least I’ll have some new material.  I’ll be back on Monday.

… yeah, sorry to disappoint.



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