Terrible Music Tuesday – MLB Network

Is Terrible Music Tuesday gonna be a thing?  Sure, why the hell not.  Commercials are usually coupled with some dogshit songs…

I love baseball as much as I hate commercials. Despite the fact the NFL has more fans, gets better ratings, sells more merchandise, makes more money, and by all accounts puts out a better product… I still get mad when people call it the national pastime. Baseball will forever be the national pastime. As far as I’m concerned all NFL diehards are gamblers, guys who throw like girls, and former fat kids who “played” right tackle in High School for a 5-8 team that just missed out on the conference tourney.

I faithfully follow the New York Mets. The New York Mets, arguably the biggest joke in the game… but I love them so goddamn much it makes my head hurt when I think about it.

“Be prepared to be let down, Son.”

“You’re cheering for the wrong team, Sweetie.”

(Be back in 20, I thought about the Mets, and my head really hurts.)

Back. Being that I love this game so much, I watch a ton of MLB Network. It’s refreshing to watch a highlight reel without hearing about the designer sandals Tim Tebow bought after going 1-13 in practice that day, or some vague interview of Dwight Howard being a grade-A douchebag with a smile. (Thank God that bullshit is over… and fuck the Lakers for somehow keeping Pau.) MLB Network is a good station despite having some of the biggest morons in sports sitting in their anchor chairs.

“See if you can hit this one, Joe!”

Jesus Christ this blog is already way too long…

After sitting through 9 innings of another embarrassing Mets game, I like to switch over and watch “Quick Pitch” to see what else happened in the world of baseball… and man, they play this commercial every single break.

They took an otherwise “cute” commercial of parents bringing their kids out to the ballpark, and tried to turn it into some sappy bullshit with a song that won’t help the stigma of baseball being “boring.”  What a piece of shit song.  I was gonna research the band and actually listen to the entire thing, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Something tells me there isn’t a sick drum solo later in the track.

The best part of this video are the YouTube comments.

I almost cried;}

Gives me chills.

i wouldnt have a problem w commercials if they were all like this

Now, it could just be that I’m a miserable bastard (checks out), but it’s not that serious you clowns.

The worst part about this commercial is that there is another MLB commercial that doesn’t get half the play with a much better song.

Brace yourself for an incredibly… not straight video.  I honestly thought a woman sang this, and I guess I wasn’t far off.  This dude is like Freddy Mercury with double the AIDS (ohhhhhh! Take that, AIDS patients reading this blog! (kidding, get well soon, we’re all praying for you.))  I’d have posted the MLB commercial but the only link I could find on YouTube was someone recording their TV (which is a blog in itself.  Stop doing that!)

That song is good, and coupled with some quick shots of MLB fans, it makes for a really good commercial… you hear that MLB Network?  Play that commercial more.  Hear me, read my shitty blog, I hope. This. I hope this gets to youuuuu…”  Dammit, now that crap is stuck in my head, I need to watch a Mets game, stat!


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